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Christmas Tree Service of Remembrance  11a.m. Saturday 10th December 2016- Join us and The Citadel Choir at our annual Christmas Tree Service of Remembrance. Hang your own personalised leaf on our beautiful Christmas Tree. All ages,  all welcome.  Refreshments available after the service. 









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  1. Thanks for taking time to read this, I am currently doing my family tree as i have no one left in the Tunstall family to ask i would appreciate ur help. My ancestors where the Tunstall and the Makin families from St Helens area and most of them were burried at St Thomases Church on Hewitt Avenue Eccleston. I believe from my research that the church was closed not sure what date? and most of the graves and remains was removed, i am trying to locate there final resting place what the church looked like and the date it closed any information you could find out is greatly apreciated. Many thanks Yvonne Tunstall x

    • admin says:

      I will pass your query on to one of our members who is also an expert on Family History and records.
      I have your email address and will pm you with more details. Hopefully we can help with your query.

  2. Catherine Arnold says:


    I wonder if someone could let me know if there is a service provided in the cemetery
    for maintenance/up keeping of the graves/plots.

    • admin says:

      The Friends offer a flower delivery service for a small charge. They will do a light tidy up around the grave site. Have sent you an email with details of service.

  3. Susan Ball says:


    I am doing my family tree, name of Benyon/Bannion which a lot of the family was buried in St Mary the Virgin (now St Helens) graveyard,
    And that the graves where reinterred in December 1970 and move to a large plot at St Helens cemetery
    I read that the monumental inscriptions for this church cemetery are contained in the library at the Society of Genealogists in London,
    but was wondering whether you now have a copy of the inscriptions or know of one in the area.
    Thank you for your time.
    Susan Ball.

  4. Eithne Leonard says:

    Hi, I recently visited the cemetery and was able to locate my grandparents grave in section 27, but was unable to find section 20 where my great grandmother was interred. Is there a map available?